Dear Tech,

Dear Tech,


Over time you have evolved from a tool for mere survival to an instrument for labor intensification. You became a means for knowledge sharing and communication, a lever towards urbanisation and much more.

Not every step in our relationship has been linear or smooth, but in the end I have come to realise, we want the same thing. Something I guess we could call ‘the good life’, our choices weren’t defined by profit or power, our compass was the common good.

But lately it feels like we are living next to each other, you are taking these giant leaps that I can’t follow, you are not communicating about your thoughts and feelings or considering the consequences of your action. You are making fancy new friends that I don’t know and behaving like a snobby know-it-all...

I feel responsible for the impact you will have on mankind, the earth and societies. Not only to avoid negative scenarios, but to push towards the world-improving potential of all the new solutions that are being developed. Not bad is not good enough.

I believe that the digital revolution, if done right, has the potential of making us more human than ever before. Technology, applied with wisdom, can lead to a real life utopia. This would not be a wanted side effect, but the legitimation of your existence. The anthropocene is here, and it comes with an immense responsibility. 

I write to say we are losing our common goal and this time it’s not me. It’s you.

We need to talk.